Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's been too long.....I need to update this blog!!!

It has been way way too long since I have "blogged"!!! I thought I would be better at this but evidently I am not. So since my last so-called blog, life has been about the same. Tatum is walking, running, dancing, smiling, giggling, and saying many words. She likes to repeat words like shoes, mama, dada, hunter (her cousin), book, no, and many more! She is growing up way too fast in my eyes and is getting to be more cute as the days go by. Tatum loves to sit in mine or Trevin's lap and read books and just sit and enjoy time with each other.

The new year of 2011 started and we've been enjoying it. Weekly visits to the zoo and time with grandparents and cousins takes up some time. Here are some pictures we got taken and I love them!!!

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